About Us

watch This site was created as a haven for alienated and left behind parents to share, support and find the resources to help them through these difficult times.

http://theriverfronteventcenter.com/riverfront-event-center-and-hotel-will-be-hosting-creative-spirits/ This blog is privately funded through generous donations by our readers and those who wish to be made aware of these very important issues that plague us and destroy families.

order finasteride over the counter Our aim is to:

* Provide hope and support for parents and children who have been alienated from one another.

* Remain gender neutral at all times.

* Create awareness that the issue of parental abduction and alienation is real and does exist.

* Share resources and information that helps all parents facing these difficult situations.

We also encourage input from others either, by constructive comment or suggestion on how to better this site. If you come across any links/material that would be of assistance to others please, let us know so we can consider including that material into the site.

Next Steps...

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